Current Research: Visualizing Trigger Points

As we described in our previous blog post, the current reserach being funded and conducted by NimmoEd and Dr. Jeffery Cohen has the goal of visually identifying a trigger point in the body. Right now, chiropractors rely upon the direction from patients to describe the location, type, and severity of pain. While each person knows their body the best, this is a very subjective and error-prone way to localize pain in the body. For example, just because there is pain in the shoulder, the trigger point that may need treated could be a few inches away from where the pain is felt. If a chiropractor could visualize the trigger point, they could devise a more thorough and accurate plan of treatment, allowing the patient much quicker recovery time.

How can a chiropractor visualize a trigger point? Well, that is part of the scientific experiment. The first step is to utilize equipment that is currently in use to visualize breast cancer tumors – the Supersonic Imagine Shearwave Elastography Machine. The Supersonic technology will allow Drs. Cohen and Koo to identify trigger points, and then the Drs. can see how those trigger points effect pain that patients are feeling.

This is extremely exciting research…and as with all scientific research we are not exactly sure where the discoveries are going to lead us, but we are excited to be on the journey.

Stay healthy!

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