Eye-Opening Movie

This past week, in New York, there was a showing of the movie “Doctored”. This film takes a look at the “traditional” and non-traditional methods of patient care. More importantly, “Doctored” addresses the money-machine behind the medical industry – behind your health. Why are pharmaceuticals the first answer for most doctors? Why aren’t homeopathic remedies utilized more often? Why do natural remedies get pushed aside for lab-created pills? Who makes these decisions, and is our health in their best interest? These are questions we all deserved to have answered because we all deserve good health.

Follow the link for more information about “Doctored” and contact the producers to let them know that you want to see the movie in your area.


We deserve better from our medical providers…we deserve better from our medical industry and we need to start demanding and requiring that we, the patients, are first…not a company peddling pills.

Stay healthy! (And informed!)

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