NimmoEd Awarded $10,000 PNC Charitable Trust Grant

We are so grateful and so thankful for the incredibly generous contribution from PNC Charitable Trust. In the highest expression of support that a Foundation can provide, NimmoEd has been awarded a $10,000 grant to support our current research endeavor: utilizing cutting-edge imagery to visualize a trigger point for the purpose of a treatment plan to provide pain relief.

To receive the grant, we had to go through the formal process that all orgnizations must go through and prove that the project we are currently undertaking is worthy of such generous support. As we are to all of our donors, we will be accountable to PNC to show how the funds were used and what we’ve learned from the research…which we would have compiled anyway to share with all of our supporters, donors, and patients.

Thank you again to PNC Charitable Trust for this support and to our wonderful research team for assembling such a compelling case. We hope that this initial grant will be a strong start for NimmoEd’s fundraising endeavors and provide confidence to our overall community that we have the right projects in place that they can be proud to support.

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