Research Update from NYCC

Its about time for an update from our research team at NYCC…

Drs. Cohen and Koo have been hard at work identifying trigger points in the body. And while each research project begins with a specific goal in mind, often that focus changes during the course of the project. While Drs. Cohen and Koo, along with professional consultants have been researching trigger points their research has developed. While trigger points are in the body, they’ve never been identified. And so far, we haven’t been able to identify them either, unfortunately. The current machine being used does not seem to have the imaging capabilities for this particular project, but we are still working hard!

However – the research is still incredibly productive. Drs. Cohen and Koo have been able to find out more about muscle response which is invaluable to the treatment of pain. The past six months have taught NimmoEd and the research team a lot. We will have the opportunity to author papers about the information we have found, and are still confident that a future project would provide an opportunity to identify a trigger point.

While this particular project is winding down, the next step will be to develop publications based off of what we did learn. Stay tuned for some specifics about the upcoming publications!

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