The Importance of Fundraising

As a non-profit organization, NimmoEd relies upon the generosity of individuals and foundations to be able to advance our mission. We need you to keep our mission alive…we need you to keep training medical professionals…we need you to conduct ground-breaking research.

Why can’t we do this ourselves? We are often asked why we need individual support…can’t we just rely on university or government support?!?! Unfortunately not. Government funding of medical schools and residency programs is shrinking. The U.S. currently has a shortage of doctors; both primary care physicians and specialists. With residency programs capped, the provider gap is only going to increase – especially in rural areas.

What does all this mean?

Considering that the provider shortage is due to a lack of government funding for residency programs, medical schools must take matters into their own hands and raise the money needed to educate and train qualified physicians. This includes chiropractic schools AND organizations like NimmoEd. In fact, it is more imperative for speciality programs like chiropractic. Chiropractic is not at the top of the funding list, and chiropractic schools receive very little in the way of government and corporate assistance. NimmoEd is no different. We work with chiropractic schools to provide training for chiropractors but we cannot rely upon the schools to support us – they barely receive support for their own programs! We must be a self-sustaining organization. Which means we rely upon your generosity and the generosity of foundations and community groups to advance healthy living.

We are


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