We are still here!

Greetings from our new website! You may have been wondering what NimmoEd has been up to for the past year…we know we haven’t sent any mailings and we didn’t do such a good job of keeping in touch. We are new and improved and you’ll be hearing a lot more from us…that’s a promise.

A major way that we will update you about what is going on is through this blog. We’ll be providing updates on our research (there has been a lot) and the projects that we want to be involved with while also providing commentary on the general happenings of the chiropractic and medical fields. You’ll also receive updates through the mail and to your email address, if you’ve shared that with us.

We’ve answered the question of how we will do a better job going forward…but we still need to update you on what we’ve been up to recently. Keeping in line with our mission, NimmoEd continued to educate chiropractors to make sure that trigger point therapies are available to anyone suffering from pain while also advancing the Nimmo technique through cutting edge and AWARD WINNING research…check out an upcoming blog post for details.

Stay healthy!

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