Dr. Raymond Nimmo

Dr. Raymond Nimmo developed a precise trigger point system that paved the way for all all current chiropractic soft tissue technique. This innovative pain treatment challenged the institutions and conventions of chiropractic science and care, filling the gaps left by traditional chiropractic and other manual therapies.

Dr. Nimmo developed his technique in the 1950’s, when the medical climate was quite different than it is today. The medical profession and the nation at large did not yet consider chronic pain to be a significant problem. Pain was something people just had to live with, and painful conditions often went unaddressed. The origin of pain was not well understood and treatment mechanisms that did exist were primitive.

The treatment developed by Dr. Nimmo, known as Receptor Tonus Technique, was ahead of its day. Dr. Nimmo’s contribution remains visionary in its ability to deliver effective treatment in a cost-effective manner.

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen is the founder of and driving force behind the NIMMO® Educational Foundation. After nearly four decades of chiropractic practice, he has dedicated his life to the advancement of NIMMOCARE®, the first concrete method developed from Raymond Nimmo’s innovative technique.

Dr. Cohen graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1975 and established his private practice in Pittsburgh. A protégé of Raymond Nimmo, Dr. Cohen was given exclusive rights by Dr. Nimmo to carry on development of his technique for treating musculoskeletal pain. He consistently worked to develop the technique in his practice – Nimmo’s unorthodox methods attracted a large following of internationally known professional athletes and dancers. Dr. Cohen was unable to focus on NIMMOCARE® until an accident left him unable to continue practicing.

Instead of retiring, Dr. Cohen made it his mission to develop NIMMOCARE® for use on a large scale, enabling it to liberate millions of Americans from chronic pain and needless medical expenses. To that end, he founded the Nimmo Educational Foundation to conduct clinical research, develop educational standards, and train NIMMOCARE® certified practitioners.

To date, Dr. Cohen has spread awareness of NIMMOCARE® to some of the most influential and respected organizations in the medical field. He was the first chiropractor accepted to present a paper at the internationally renowned Symposium on Medical Problems of Musicians and Dancers. He has also delivered presentations for the University of Pittsburgh Medical School’s Electives on Integrative Medicine and Patient Communication and for the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medicine Association. Dr. Cohen has been a presenter at seminars of numerous state chiropractic associations. He has also conducted Grand Rounds for several University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hospitals.

Dr. Joshua Cohen

Dr. Joshua Cohen joined the practice in 2000. He worked side by side with his father (Dr. Jeffrey Cohen) on many athletes and entertainers. Both Dr. Cohen’s worked on the Steelers during their Super Bowl win in Detroit. Dr. Joshua Cohen is also an adjunct faculty member at the New York Chiropractic College, and has taught Nimmo’s trigger point therapy there for over 10 years.

Dr. Joshua Cohen obtained his degree from New York Chiropractic College in 2000. He has studied the NimmoCare method and is certified to teach this technique. Dr. Joshua Cohen brought another aspect of mind/body care into the practice when he earned a Masters degree in nutrition. He counsels his patients on how what they eat will affect their pain. Furthermore, by incorporating nutritional counseling, exercise physiology, and an anti-aging regime, he has expanded the area of chiropractic care, bringing full circle, a team of doctors who cover all aspects needed for a healthy life.

Dr. Josh Cohen believes in practicing what he preaches. He is an avid exerciser and cyclist. He has completed many 100 mile mountain bike races, as well as being a regular participant in the MS150.