Patient Stories

Charley Coker, 6-month-old Infant

Diagnosis: Torticollis

Treatment: NIMMOCARE®

When our daughter Charley was diagnosed with torticollis, we learned from our physician that physical therapy and surgery were common treatments. She had a hard time holding her head up on her own, because her head was tipped to one side, and her chin was turned to the other. Our family was familiar with Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, so we brought her in for NIMMOCARE® treatment. After just one session, our daughter immediately moved her head from side to side – the first time she had done so on her own. Trigger points in Charley’s body were causing the condition, and through gentle manipulation, it was resolved.

Julia Erickson, Principal Dancer, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Diagnosis: Chronic Foot Pain

Treatment: NIMMOCARE®

I have been receiving NIMMOCARE® for the past 8 years. I appreciate that my NIMMOCARE® practitioner understands that the body is a complex system made up of integrated parts. It was through this therapy that I learned my chronic foot pain was actually caused by an injury I had received to my hip, which in turn affected my knee and shin. In dance, pain has a domino effect, and my NIMMOCARE® practitioner respects that every patient – every pain – is unique. Everybody deserves that sort of problem solving from their health care professionals.

Alan Faneca, NFL Guard, New York Jets

Diagnosis: Aches and Pains

Treatment: NIMMOCARE® including cold laser therapy

Professional football players dread injury. It interferes with our ability to make a living. Yet injury follows us throughout the season, always a step behind, ready to incapacitate us. When we do become injured, which is almost inevitable, we search for help that will bring us back to peak performance as quickly as possible. For myself and for many of my past teammates, that help has come in the form of NIMMOCARE® and Dr. Jeffrey Cohen of Pittsburgh, who has practiced the technique with current and retired NFL players for many years.

L.C. Greenwood, Former NFL All-Star Defensive End and Board Member, Nimmo Educational Foundation

Diagnosis: Numb Arms and Shoulders

Treatment: NIMMOCARE® including cold laser therapy

I first began NIMMOCARE® treatments in 1977 when the pain from on-field injuries nearly ended my career. Every time I would hit or take a lick, my shoulders and arms would get completely numb. Team doctors told me I wasn’t likely to play past the season. NIMMOCARE® kept me on the field, reduced my pain and made the arm numbness go away. Not coming in for treatment would be like forgetting the plays before the game. A lot of people owe the extension of their careers to this technique. I continue to receive NIMMOCARE® treatment for arthritis associated with my playing days, something that is all too common for retired athletes. I am proud to serve on the board of the NIMMO Educational Foundation because I know the treatment works.

Erin Halloran, Principal Dancer, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Diagnosis: Hip pain, back pain, foot pain, shin splints

Treatment: NIMMOCARE®

You learn early on that when you choose a career in dance, pain is simply the nature of the profession. Hip pain, back aches, foot pain and shin splits are all par for the course, and during my 21 years as a principal ballerina, I’ve encountered them all. NIMMOCARE® has helped me manage these “occupational hazards,” often catching them early and neutralizing them before they get worse. My NIMMOCARE® practitioner recognizes that a dancer’s body is a system of interconnected parts, and that the repetitive motion of dance can trigger a chain of aches and pain. Treatment has become a regular part of my weekly routine. I’m glad to have access to something that works.

Ernie Hawkins, Renowned Acoustic Blues Guitarist

Diagnosis: Back Pain

Treatment: NIMMOCARE®

Musicians dread repetitive-use injuries most of all, because they impact our livelihoods and the ability to create art. As a guitarist, my chronic back problem is made worse through performance, where I must remain in a certain position on stage or in the studio for many hours. I thought the pain I experienced through performance was unavoidable and something I would need to learn to work through. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover NIMMOCARE, which relieves the spasms in my back and enables me to continue performing. I’m glad to have it as an option for the treatment of my recurring pain.

Terrence Orr, Artistic Director – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Former Ballet Master – American Ballet Theatre, Also current Ballet Master – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Diagnosis: Tendonitis

Treatment: NIMMOCARE® including cold laser therapy

For most dancers, injury isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Over my nearly 40 years of working in ballet, the wear and tear on my body resulted in tendonitis in my hip that left me with chronic pain. About five years ago, I was encouraged by one of my dance colleagues to try NIMMOCARE, and I am so glad I did. The technique, which for me includes cold laser therapy, has reduced my pain and improved my mobility. I particularly appreciate that the therapy is noninvasive and cost effective (both critical for working performance artists).

Jerry Voros, retired PR executive Age: 79

Diagnosis: Severe Back Pain

Treatment: NIMMOCARE®

I was suffering from severe back pain that made it nearly impossible to walk without a cane. A friend suggested that I consider NIMMOCARE® as practiced by Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, who was practicing a unique technique to alleviate pain. I did, and after just a half hour session, I walked out without using my cane. Dr. Cohen explained to me that it would take several sessions to treat the nerve pods and relax the muscles that were trying to compensate for some spinal disc compression. After treatment for less than six months, I not only was able to walk without pain but felt healthy enough to move to Paris, France. I have been walking daily in Paris. Simple stretch exercises Dr. Cohen suggested have kept me pain free. His method is simple, easy and above all it works. I endorse the NIMMOCARE® technique and Dr. Cohen’s professionalism.