The NIMMOCARE® technique is backed by sound science and was founded on Dr. Nimmo’s commitment “to teach nothing that does not have a physiological basis.” It not only works, it is scientifically sound. The concepts developed 50 years ago by Raymond Nimmo are nearly identical to the model emerging in today’s medical literature for treating and explaining the mechanisms of chronic pain.

A key objective of the NIMMO® Educational Foundation is to compile experimental evidence documenting the effectiveness of NIMMOCARE®. New York Chiropractic College has joined forces with the Foundation, extending its research facilities to achieve this goal. This gives the Foundation access to sophisticated equipment and advice from scientists who are experienced in structuring and evaluating clinical studies. The evidence compiled has been and will continue to be published in peer-reviewed professional journals to spread awareness of the NIMMOCARE® technique. This information also make the case for widespread insurance coverage for NIMMOCARE® treatment.

Research is currently being conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Cohen with assistance from NYCC. (Joining a few elite teaching and research institutions dedicated to unearthing mechanisms by which chronic pain develops, leading to more effective methods for managing it.)