New York Chiropractic

An Unprecedented Relationship

A few aspects place The Nimmo Educational Foundation in a league of its own. It is the first non-profit organization dedicated solely to the advancement and standardization of a single chiropractic technique. The second is our groundbreaking official relationship with New York Chiropractic College – a Regionally Accredited College, and the preeminent institution for chiropractic education in the United States.

Education is a fundamental goal upon which the success of our organization hinges. Extraordinary resources are necessary for the Foundation to conduct publishable academic research, develop adequate course materials, teach the NIMMOCARE® technique, and confer certification. Since our inception, New York Chiropractic College has emerged as a partner and ally in extending these resources to the Nimmo Educational Foundation.

This one-of-a-kind relationship with NYCC provides:

  • Postgraduate Opportunities
  • Curriculum Development
  • Educational Facilities
  • Research Facilities and Assistance