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The NIMMO® Educational Foundation seeks to advance the practice of NIMMOCARE® in a manner consistent with established methods, rules of conduct and standards of care. Any person who meets the Qualification Criteria may apply to become a Certified NIMMOCARE® Practitioner. Certification will require submission of a written application, successful completion of specialized training seminars, and rigorous written and practical examinations. Only chiropractors who have met these criteria will be permitted to display NIMMOCARE® logo and literature.

Certification is effective for a three year period, after which, a renewal application is required for any qualified chiropractor wishing to continue his/her certification. Renewal requires the submission of an application, the payment of a fee, and proof of completing continuing education requirements.

Qualification Criteria


  • All interested persons should review the Qualification Criteria.
  • Application for Certification
  • When a complete application, with all required attachments is received, the certification application will be processed. The Foundation maintains the right to require a personal interview with any candidate. Applicants generally will be notified of acceptance or denial within 60 days of receipt of the complete application.
  • If accepted, an applicant will receive a Certificate designating him/her as a Certified NIMMOCARE® Practitioner and will be required to sign a Practitioner Agreement with the Foundation which authorize the use of the NIMMOCARE® trademark within certain guidelines and confirm adherence to the established Standards of Practice and Code of Professional Conduct.

Fee Schedule

Other Benefits

Certified NIMMOCARE® Practitioners will have the option to enter into a Trademark Licensing Agreement with the Foundation which will allow the Practitioner to purchase standard marketing materials that have been developed for NIMMOCARE® Practitioners and personalize them for his/her own use. These materials include stationery, business cards and a practice brochure.

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